Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beauty of Women

Hello to all women who have stumbled upon this blog. We are so thrilled that the fateful wind blew you to us and we hope that this can be your happy place; your happy place where thoughts float on clouds with silver linings and dreams are shouted off of rooftops singing the tunes that unlock your heart's desires for yourself. This is a place where you can dare to be yourself and no one else! This is a place where we hope you find the joy of being female; you know, a woman. Because there is so much beauty in being a woman; in fact, I believe everything about a woman to be breathtaking. The way our hands hold others in a gentle embrace when that person feels as if the whole world has given up on him or her. The way our hips move with the beat of the music as if they are the sticks banging ruthlessly on the drums. The way our shoulders can invite you in for a kiss but nothing else because, hey, we have mystique and honey, you're never gonna figure all of us out, but keep coming back because we can make you feel big and small all within one day, but guess what? We enjoy all sizes of you. And did you ever think that we pointed out your flaws because we've seen you at your best and your tree is calling your acorn. Don't run away and hide because the truth hurt you. We can be your mirrors and tell you only the truths that you see every day because that is what it means to be a woman. We will help you feel beautiful by coloring ourselves beautiful, too. So jump around the clouds and scream it off the rooftops because we may not have been first, but you better believe that every masterpiece has a first draft. And while men might have made this world we were created to change it. Welcome to being a woman; embrace it, own it, love it.

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